Moor Ponies of the UK

Exmoor Pony Exmoor Gallery Exmoor Pony

Enjoy photos of the semi-wild Exmoor Ponies grazing the rugged moors of Southwest England.

Exmoor Pony Centre Exmoor Pony Centre Exmoor Pony Centre

The Center saves Exmoor Ponies from a sad fate and trains them to be useful riding ponies.

Dartmoor Pony Dartmoor Gallery Dartmoor Mare and Foal

Dartmoor is more open with easier grazing.
Different breeding objectives mean Ponies on Dartmoor come in a variety of colors.

Shilstone Rocks Foal Shilstone Rocks Stud Shilstone Rocks Stallion

Shilstone Rocks Stud has been breeding Dartmoor Ponies since 1958.
Their bloodlines are known around the world, and at events and shows, for quality.